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From the tree to the product, a closed cycle.

EGGER stands for responsible use of the raw material wood. This philosophy is represented in the environment cycle. 

Discover the essence of sustainability with our EGGER products, where wood takes center stage in a commitment to environmental responsibility. Our selection of high-quality wood products is sourced from responsibly managed forests, ensuring a balance between harvesting and regeneration. We also prioritize the longevity and health of forests, utilizing eco-friendly practices to create products that stand as a testament to sustainability. Choose EGGER for your project, and not only will you experience the timeless beauty of wood, but you'll also contribute to a greener future.


Protecting the environment begins with sustainable forestry
Sustainable forestry has the highest priority at EGGER. For the production of wood-based materials EGGER exclusively uses wood from forest thinning and residual wood in selected quality from sawmills as well as suitable recycled wood.


The sawmill: Value creation chain and raw material source for integrated locations
In our sawmill in Brilon (DE), 800,000 solid cubic metres of round spruce timber from sustainable forestry are cut annually. The sawmill side-products created through the processing of the round timber such as sawdust, wood chips and planing chips are used in the neighbouring wood materials production plant for the production of chipboard and MDF boards.


Product innovations move us forward
Research and development have a great significance at EGGER. Through a systematic innovations process we want to optimise the utility for customers and address the customer requirements in a foresighted way. This leads to groundbreaking developments such as the director printing laminate flooring (DPR) or the lightweight board EUROLIGHT.


On the way to the customer we save 17,9 mill. tons of CO2
By transporting goods on the railways we can avoid 49,120 truck journeys every year. In the last five years we have doubled our proportion of railway traffic and have saved 17.9 mill. tons of CO2 emissions. For our project “EGGER - Logistics systems with high ecological acceptance” we have, amongst others, received the Austrian national award for transport logistics.


Recycling and thermal utilisation of wood
A part of EGGER timber originates from recycled wood residues. Recycled wood is processed in EGGER factories, and thermally transformed  in  biomass power plants located in Hexham (UK), Rion des Landes (FR), Brilon (DE), Wismar (DE), Unterradlberg (AT) and St. Johann in Tirol (AT).


We save CO2
Through the processing of wood in EGGER products, annually 3.6 mill. tons of CO2* are materially bound; this corresponds to the CO2 emission from 800,000 households**. Through the use of recycled wood residues we save the environment 1.2 mill. tons CO2 per year, and through our biomass power plants we achieve a CO2 saving of 640,000 tons in comparison to the combustion of natural gas.
* Established from the greenhouse potential of the EGGER EPDs (in kg CO2 equivalent, on the basis of the production figures 2007/08)
** An average European household with three people uses approximately 4.5 tons of CO2 per year, source:EUROSTAT 08/2008

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