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About Us

Redefining spaces, Challenging creativity, and Embracing Sustainable Living Since 1982.

Since 1982, Douaihy Pour Le Bois has successfully developed a successful synergy between combining strong customer partnerships and providing sustainably sourced, innovative, premium wood-based products in Lebanon.

Through our years of collaborating with architects, interior designers, and other professionals, we have gained a deeper understanding of our clients' needs and visions. Utilizing the resources of our trusted partners, Egger and Cleaf, renowned for their commitment to sustainability and innovation, we bring these visions to life through the timeless beauty and versatility of wood. We are dedicated to fulfilling our social responsibility and make efforts to protect the environment through the use of sustainably sourced products, reflecting our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Having years of experience, a keen eye for detail, and a dedication to quality makes us one of the leading companies in the world of sustainable wood-based products. We guarantee a comprehensive and unmatched approach to the world of wood, from decorative panels to flooring and construction solutions.


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