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The EGGER Design+ consists of three layers, ensuring a key characteristic of the floor covering is the robust nature. The core of our flooring is the Ultra Wood Fibre Board (UWF), a fibreboard with extremely high density, which prevents the edges from swelling. In addition, the waterproof TPU surface with a SelfRepair effect provides clear benefits when exposed to high loads. The boards, measuring at only five millimeters, are based on natural wood fibres and thanks to the TPU surface, are waterproof, elastic, odorless and comfortable. It is versatile in terms of application and can be laid as a floating installation or glued across the entire area.
Ultra robust and water-resistant TPU surface (thermoplastic polyurethane) with a SelfRepair effect Integrated decor layer for a highly authentic appearance High-density & double-sealed UWF coreboard (Ultra Wood Fibre Board) made of natural wood fibres Waterproof high-end balancer Format: Large 1,295 x 243
Areas exposed to high stress, in both the commercial and the domestic sectors.
Compact, comfortable, and easy-care
Ultra robust and resistant to micro-scratches
Permanently attractive due to the self-healing surface
Can be used flexibly - domestic and commercial
Naturally wood-based and 100% PVC-free
EGGER products have earned the world's oldest and best-known ecological seal of approval: The Blue Angel. The Blue Angel confirms our commitment to the environment and individual health.
Environment security and resource friendly forestry is an EGGER priority, thus, we only use wood from sustainable forestry. The key European certification system PEFC proves our commitment.

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