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PerfectSense premium decor boards are much more than conventional melamine-faced MDF boards.
Thanks to the completely new finishing process, they represent a new category of products. PerfectSense connects the high quality look and feel of modern surfaces.
A special coating method with UV technology clearly enhances the surface of PerfectSense. This innovate method manages to elevate surfaces in industrial production to a look and feel that was previously only available in a few high-end surfaces.
Suitable for high mechanical loads
Particularly scratch-resistant and resilient
Resistant when machining and finishing
Gloss or matt finish on one side
Support material: MDF board
standard sizes if applicable [mm]
2800 x 2070 x 18 mm
Exclusive interior designs
Superior furniture making
PerfectMatt Advantages
No-fingerprint properties
Format for a low amount of cutting waste
PerfectGloss Advantages
Format for a low amount of cutting waste
Enables economic use of high gloss surfaces


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