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EGGER OSB (Oriented Strand Boards) panels are produced on state-of-the-art continuous production lines, where the strand orientation and moisture levels are optimized; thus, the panels are not only stronger but also resistant to possible movements caused by atmospheric conditions.

Panels are available in 12-22mm thicknesses. Larger sized panels - up to 6m in length - are also possible, and depending on the building method, could result in fewer connections, helping speed up the building process with fewer potential on-site issues. OSB panels are known for their superior dimensional stability and surface finish, making them a solid asset in any building technique.
standard sizes if applicable [mm]
12 mm 250 x 67.5 cm
18 mm 250 x 67.5 cm
22 mm 250 x 67.5 cm
Wall sheathing
Roof sarking
Concrete formwork
Dry and humid environments


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