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Melamine Faced Chipboards (MFC)

What are the standard dimensions of MFC panels?
EGGER’s standard MFC size is 2800 x 2070 mm.

Are MFC panels scratch resistant?
MFC panels are scratch resistant to a certain level.

Can we make grooves and curves in MFC panels?
We can do grooves but they must be covered with aluminum or stainless steel profiles; curves can be done with EGGER laminate, with a matching color to the MFC.

Is it possible to paint MFC panels?
EGGER can provide us with paintable MFC, but if we need to paint the regular MFC boards, a special Primer must be used before applying the paint.

Can we put MFC and SIBU behind the cooktop?
This is not recommended as it will cause cracks and color variations in the MFC, and the SIBU panels will melt.

Can MFC be used for exterior purposes?
This is not recommended; MFC panels can be moisture resistant but not water resistant.

Is it possible for the shutter handles to be 45 degrees in MFC?
45 degrees applications are doable but with special machines.

Which technique is used for MFC wall cladding?
All traditional wall cladding techniques can be used (omega accessories, wood studs etc…)

What is the warranty that we give on our products?
A minimum of 2 years warranty is given on EGGER products if all terms and conditions are respected.

How glossy is the MFC décor W1000 HG?
W1000 HG MFC panels are semi-glossy decors. However their glossiness increases if the décor is used as Laminate instead of MFC.

Laminates (CPL)

Can we press EGGER Laminates on material other than wood?
Laminates can be pressed on any stable, smooth and moisture-free area.

How Flexible are EGGER Laminates?
EGGER Laminates are very flexible, we can even make rounded shapes with them.

Which decors are available as Laminates?
All MFC decors are also available as Laminates.

Which type of glue should we use in Laminate applications?
The best types of glue to use in Laminate applications are UREA and Patex.

What are the available Laminate sizes?
The available Laminate sizes are:
- 2800 x 1300 x 0.8 mm
- 3050 x 1300 x 0.8 mm
Laminates of 0.6 mm thickness can be provided upon request as a roll.


Are Eurolight panels moisture resistant?
Eurolight panels will be moisture resistant only if they are edge banded with PU Glue.

Are Eurolight Doors sound-proof?
Rubber seals are used in Eurolight doors to have a certain level of sound insulation.

Can creative designs be applied to Eurolight doors?
We can have endless design ideas.

How do we make Eurolight shelves, and which accessories are used for installation?
Click here to learn how to install Eurolight panels.

Compact Laminate

Can we make closets using Compact Laminate?
We can produce cabinets made from Compact Laminate using special techniques and accessories. They are usually used in laboratories, gym lockers etc…

Can Compact Laminate be used for exterior purposes?
Egger Compact Laminate cannot be used for outdoor projects.

Can we cut out for a sink in the Compact Laminate?
Any cut out can be made in the compact laminate, and sinks can be installed top mounted or under mounted with no need for any treatment.

Can compact Laminate be used as a counter top for kitchens?
Compact Laminate is waterproof and can be used as a kitchen counter top, but we should avoid its contact with hot items and using it as a cutting board.

Can we install Compact Laminate in bathrooms?
Compact Laminate can be used in bathrooms as cubical partitions; special accessories must be used.


How are worktops installed?
EGGER worktops are installed directly on the kitchen cabinets and then screwed. No special accessories are needed except for the skirting profile and angle joint profile.

Is it possible to join two worktop panels?
It is possible to join two worktops but the joint must be sealed with PU Glue.

Are worktop panels resistant to heat and water?
EGGER worktops are heat resistant to a certain limit as we cannot place extremely hot items on its surface; the worktop surface is water resistant but the edges must be covered with PU glue.

Which is better and more durable? EGGER Worktop, Solid Surfaces, or Quartz?
It depends on the budget, usage and aesthetics.
This table will show you the difference:

Can we make a table out of an EGGER worktop?
Yes it can be done, but the maximum depth available is 65 cm.

Are all worktop edges covered with PVC?
By default all EGGER worktops are covered with PU glue on the length, and when cut, a PVC edge with PU glue must be applied.

Laminate Flooring

Can we use glue on laminate flooring as a quick dry?
We can use glue on the flooring joints in order to protect the HDF from water and moisture.

How do we install laminate flooring?
Click here to learn how EGGER Laminate Flooring is installed.

Is it easy to remove laminate flooring in case of damage?
With the Unifit system, it’s very easy to replace damaged panels.

Is laminate flooring water resistant /scratch resistant?
EGGER Aqua+ is 5 times more resistant to moisture than regular laminate flooring, but it’s not water resistant.
All EGGER laminate flooring are scratch resistant.

How can we clean EGGER laminate flooring?
EGGER cleaner, available at DPB, must be used at least twice a month. Vacuum cleaning can be done on daily basis.

Which materials are placed under the laminate flooring?
A special membrane named DUO is used under EGGER laminate flooring to prevent the floor moisture from damaging the plank. It is also used as an acoustic membrane.

Should the floor be tiled before the installation of laminate flooring?
It’s not necessary as long as the floor is smooth, leveled and clean.

Does the 11mm flooring absorb more sound?
With the DUO membrane installed there’s no need to have thicker flooring.


Is OSB water resistant?
OSB 3 and OSB 4 which are resistant to extreme moisture, can be used as water resistant panels, but they have a maximum lifespan of 3 years.

How do we clean OSB if it’s not covered with paint or lacquer?
OSB can be sanded.

Can OSB be used as flooring?
OSB can be used as flooring, but it must be treated with special chemicals.

Can OSB be used during the concrete construction phase?
OSB 4 can be used in the concrete construction phase, as long as you don’t care about the OSB pattern showing on the concrete.

What do we need to be able to start with the Wood Frame House construction?
To install a wood frame house we just need a concrete slab, with electrical, water and sewage system ready on site.

What are the Glulam Beams made of and do they need treatment?
Glulam Beams are made from white wood with finger joint system; special paint is used as protection against fungus, UV and water.


Can we use SIBU panels for exterior purposes?
SIBU panels are for interior use only, we cannot use them outdoor.

Can we add lighting to a SIBU wall?
In order to install a spotlight or equivalent, holes can be applied in the SIBU panels before installation of the lighting system. We must make sure it’s a LED system to avoid heat damage.

Can we perform Laser cuts on SIBU panels?
Laser cuts can be applied on SIBU panels depending on the material selection. For example it is not recommended to do laser cuts on SIBU feather finishing.

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