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Douaihy Pour Le Bois Signs MOU with Phoenix Energy


Douaihy Pour Le Bois™ and Phoenix Energy, Lebanese renewable energy solutions provider, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on 20 May 2016, to establish a strong partnership and enhance cooperation. The two parties aim to lead the sustainable building industry by providing strong, eco-friendly wooden houses. The MOU signing event, covered by MTV broadcasting channel, took place at Douaihy Pour Le Bois showroom in Adonis, Lebanon at 3 p.m., followed by a small reception. 
Douaihy Pour Le Bois, established in 1982, builds on comprehensive knowledge in the wood industry and is the exclusive distributor of Egger, one of the leading international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood interior design, furniture, flooring and building products producers. The supplier balances between providing top-quality imported wood and solid customer relation management. Phoenix Energy, established in 2008 as a member of INDEVCO Group, invests in renewable energy R&D, provides project management and complete EPC for renewable energy projects, and produces and supplies a wide array of renewable energy products and solutions. Together the two companies aim to propel green architecture in the country.

The MOU identified each party’s role and specific responsibilities, Phoenix Energy as ‘Wooden House Builder’ and Douaihy Pour Le Bois as ‘Wooden House Supplier’. Both parties will uphold their respective roles which include cross-training and promotion, information and resource sharing, mutual sales and marketing support, samples and marketing material exchange, and sponsorship services, as well as evaluation of its local market and suggestion of strategies.

Douaihy Pour Le Bois will be providing Phoenix Energy with the following materials:
-E-EGGER Glue Lam beams 
-E-EGGER OSB3 panels
-E-EGGER structural wood 
-STEICO FLEX insulation
-SIGA roofing and wall  breathable membrane
-E-EGGER Laminate Flooring

About Wooden Frame Houses:
Wooden frame houses provide eco-friendly malleable housing solutions that reduce energy consumption due to high thermal performance and insulation which decreases energy leakage and maintains both heat and coolness in the house. Wooden houses use built using recyclable, fully biodegradable and sustainable material with wood sourced from certified forests to address deforestation concerns. 
Wooden frame houses provide structural integrity with high tensile strength and a good construction solution for lands that contain weak soil. Wall composition consists of fire-resistant gypsum board, formaldehyde-free Oriented Strand Boards and top-class German-made heat reflecting humidity barrier and highly-breathing water barrier. They provide timely construction, since they are delivered in parts and assembled on.

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