Douaihy Pour Le BoisDouaihy Pou Le Bois


Douaihy Pour Le Bois at Rebuild Syria


Douaihy Pour Le Bois had the opportunity to participate in The International Trade Exhibition for Rebuilding Syria that took place from the 2nd till the 6th of October 2018 in Damascus.
Re-Build Syria is a highly focused building, construction and infrastructure event with over 4 years of success. The event provides the perfect opportunity to meet potential clients who are actively looking for suppliers, and to be a part of the reconstruction phase of the country that is expected to become a heavy weight construction market in the upcoming years.
The Douaihy Pour Le Bois team presented EGGER wood products in an attractive booth and distributed samples to introduce the brand to the eager attendees. They got the chance to meet the Syrian Minister of Commerce and interview for several local TV channels.

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